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Blomfield Company

Design, Construction, Leasing

The Blomfield Company has developed over 1 million square feet of office and warehouse space since it's inception. During their 40 year history in the State of Alaska, The Blomfield Company has provided a full range of real estate development services, including design, construction, financing, leasing and management. Clients include, federal, state and municipal government agencies as well as international and local corporations.

Notable projects include office buildings and attached underground parking for the United States General Services Administration housing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Agency.

Arctic Construction

The Blomfield Company in joint venture with Kennedy Engineering has been responsible for the design and construction of industrial oilfield service facilities and housing man camps for major international oilfield service companies in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Notable projects include: oilfield gun loading facilities, industrial maintenance shop buildings, acid and cement loading facilities, on-site power generation. Arctic "man-camps" include, professional offices, commercial kitchens and dining rooms, on-site recreational facility, sleeping quarters and conference rooms.

Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Blomfield began their Arctic construction relationship in the 1970's, while surveying the Deadhorse runway in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and remote areas of the trans Alaska oil pipeline.

General Supply

The Blomfield Company remains a family owned and operated business which includes providing to the State of Alaska highway, airport and road supplies. Alaskan municipalities also benefit from The Blomfield Company, procuring, supplies of the same general nature for their maintenance and operations needs.